Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Koi and Water Flowers
Oil on canvas 34"x60"
In the early spring it is hard to tell which demands your attention for its beauty; the flower and even the large shapes of the grasses and leaves seem to compete with the Koi for attention.

Red Bloom
Oil on canvas 40"x60"
Early in the season the water sometimes takes on a bright red color which all too soon will became green as life in the pond is reborn.

Toward the Light
Oil on canvas 40”x60”
Commissioned canvas living in Portland, Oregon -- The owners discovered that they like the painting in every direction. They asked me if I would mind if they changed the direction that the painting was hanging from time to time. They tell me it gives them a greater access to getting into the dept of the painting.

Koi Pond Screen
Oil on 30”x30” screen with red silk padded background

Plum Blossoms
Oil on 30"x30" screen with peach silk padded backing

Plum Blossoms (second view)
Oil on 30"x30" screen with peach silk padded backing

Oil on canvas 40"x60"
Gold leaf background with silver dragon fly inlays

Oil on Canvas with Italian gold nugget frame

Sleepy Morning
Italian Gold Leaf frame